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    课程咨询: 4000-121-121

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    ( )1.My parents encourage me _______ to western China.

    A. going    B. went    C. gone  D. to go

    ( )2.He is a man of ______ words.

    A. a few  B. few  C. a little  D. little

    (    )3. What is that place rich _____?

    A. in    B. at    C. of    D. with

    (    )4. Taiwan is _______ the southeast of China.

    A. to    B. of    C. in    D. on

    (    )5. The Go West program is part of the government plan ______the western part of the country.

    A. of develop  B. development    C. to develop    D. developing

    (    )6 .You have done _________ useful job.

    A. a      B. an    C. /      D. the

    (    )7. When I am _______ at home, I feel _______.

    A. alone, alone  B. lonely, alone  C. alone, lonely  D. lonely, lonely

    (    )8. I dreamed _________ becoming a bird last night.

    A. of    B. to    C. in    D. at

    (    )9. Our teacher spends much time _________ our homework every day.

    A. mark    B. to mark    C. marking    D. marked

    (    )10. She sent her teacher some flowers with her best ________.

    A. wish    B. wishing        C. wishes    D./

    (  )11. Do you know the woman _____ yellow?

    A .in      B .on      C. of          D .from

    (    )12. The discovery _______ the word _______the large number.

    A .takes because            B .amazes because of

    C amazes because        D .takes because of

    (    )13. Can you provide it ______ me?

    A. for        B. to            C. at          D .with

    (    )14 . Have you ever ______ the West?

    A .go to    B. gone to        C .been to    D .arrive to

    (    )15. The  water _____the sunlight in different colors.

    A .makes    B .reflects     C provides    D brings

    (    ) 16. ---May I speak to Mary, please?  ---Sorry, she’s _____ Paris.

    A. gone in    B. been in  C. gone to    D. been to

    (    ) 17. We all look forward to _______ him again.

    A. see    B. seeing    C. saw      D. seen

    (    ) 18. She stopped _____ us ____ game, when she passed our yard.

    A. to watch, playing        B. watching, playing

    C. to watch, play          D. watching, to play

    (    ) 19. --What makes him ____ so angry? --His son _____ the exam.

    A. to feel, didn’t pass        B. feel, didn’t pass

    C. feel, passed            D. feeling, has passed

    (    ) 20. Lots of visitors come to Lhasabecause it is ______ city.

    A. so a beautiful              B. very a beautiful

    C. such beautiful a            D. quite a beautiful


    Perhaps you have heard _1 __about the Internet, but what is it?

    The Internet is many different networks around the world. A network is a group of computers put together. These networks joined together are called the Internet._2  that doesn't sound interesting. But _3 we've joined the Internet, there are  4  things we can do. We can have a lot of  5  on the World Web.(www). We can use the Internet instead of a library to  6 all kinds of information 7  our favorite sports or film stars and do shopping on the Internet. We can send message to other people  8  e-mail. It's much cheaper and quicker than  9  our friends or sending a letter.

    Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. People can now work at home with a computer in front, getting and sending the information they need. They can buy or sell whatever they want by the Internet. But do you know 98% of the information is  10 English? So what will English be like tomorrow?

    1. A. a lot of  B. a lot    C. a few    D. a little of

    2. A. May      B. But    C. And        D. Maybe

    3. A. where    B. when  C. however    D. although

    4. A. lots of    B. a lot    C. much      D. few

    5. A. interesting  B. friends  C. interest    D. funny

    6. A. find      B. look for  C. find out  D. look after

    7. A. with      B. for      C. on      D. about

    8. A. with      B. by      C. on      D. for

    9. A. call        B. called    C. calls    D. calling

    10. A. on        B. with    C. in        D. for







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