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    课程咨询: 4000-121-121

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    (    )1. Our teachers often advise us _________ computer games a lot.

    A. to play    B. playing      C. not to play    D. not playing

    (    )2. Does he ______ English moves?

    A. enjoy to watch  B. enjoys seeing  C. likes watching D. enjoy  watching

    (    )3. There is going to be an English _____ next week. I hope I can get a good mark.

    A. game                B. try    C. exam        D. text

    (    )4.    Don’t go out on the thin ice, ________ you’ll fall in the river.

    A. and                B. but                 C. so                 D. or

    (    )5. Sam is ________than I at English.

    A. more good      B. much good  C. much better    D. more better

    (    )6. She _______in the middle school for 2 years.

    A.    study    B. studies  C. studied D. has studied

    (    )7. I want to watch TV. Can you _____ for me?

    A. turn it on    B. open                C. turn it off        D. close

    (  )8. Mary and I will go to the SummerPalace if it ____ tomorrow.

    A. won’t rain    B. didn’t rain    C. doesn’t rain      D. isn’t rain

    (    ) 9.Don’t forget _______ the lights when you leave.

    A. turning on    B. turn off    C. to turn off    D. to turning off

    (   )10. Tom will be very happy if he ____ the exam.

    A. will pass        B. passes    C. pass          D. passed

    (    )11.  He doesn’t feel like _________ anything today.

    A. to eat                  B. eating               C. eat                  D. eats       

    (    )12. — Dad, can you tell me how to use the MP4 player?

    — Read the _____ by yourself, and then you can use it.

    A. instructions    B. collection          C. impression    D. information

    (    )13. If my guest ___ this afternoon, please call me.

    A. come            B. comes            C. is coming        D. came

    (    )14. Jim's parents enjoy ________in the countryside.

    A. to live  B. live  C. living    D. lives

    (  )15. The students are practicing ____ the new song for the programme.

    A. sings      B. sang      C. sing      D. singing

    (  )16. Tom and Lily were all ____ at the ____ advice by the teacher.

    A. surprised; surprised  B. surprised; surprising

    C. surprising; surprising D. surprising; surprised

    (    )17. It’s a good way ________ English in the morning every day.

    A. look    B. to look    C. read    D. to read

    (    )18. Look! The students are having sports. ____ are running. Others are playing basketball.

    A. Same  B. A few      C. Many      D. Some

    (    )19. Please take out your notebook and_________.

    A. write it down  B. write down them  C. write down it  D. wrote it down

    (    )20. It _____ me 15 minutes ______ English every morning.

    A. took, to read  B. takes, to read  C. took, reading  D. takes, in reading


    Mary has some friends.  1  Betty, Peter, Alice 2  Mike. Mary is the oldest 3 . Betty is thirteen years  4 . She is younger than Mary and older than Peter. Alice is nice and Mike is seven.

    Betty and Peter are  5  runners. But Peter runs faster. Mary and Betty like to  6 . Mary plays better than Betty. Alice sings  7  of them. Mary and Betty study in a middle school. Alice and Mike study in a primary school. They  8  work hard at school. But Betty works  9 . Her handwriting is good,  10 .

    1. A. They are B. It is C. There are D. We are

    2. A. but B. Or C. them D. and

    3. A. in the five B . of five C. of the five D. for the five

    4. A. older B. Old C. oldest D. very old

    5. A. best B. Better C. well D. good

    6. A. play basketball B. play a basketballC. play the basketball D. play basketballs

    7. A. good B. Better C. best D. well

    8. A. six B. All C. four D. both

    9. A. hard B. Harder C. very hard D. hardest

    10. A. too B. Two C. at D. also







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