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      1. There are three _____________ (people)in my family.

      2. ____________ (class)begin at 8:00 in the morning.

      3. Dick always go ___________________ (shop)with his mother.

      4. School ___________ (be)over at 4:00 in the afternoon.

      5. My sister and I usually do _____________ (we)homework at home.

      6. March is the _____________ (three)month of the year.

      7. We celebrate Spring Festival with our _____________.(family)

      8. _________ (teacher)Day is on September 10th.

      9. Look,the people _____________(celebrate)National Day.

      10. Children can get _____________(colour)eggs during Easter.

      11. Gao Wei studies very _____________.(good)

      12. We should listen to the teacher _____________. (careful)

      13. Everyone should obey the _____________. (rule)

      14. Please keep your desk _____________ (clean)

      15. _____________ (not be) late for class.



      1. ( )Tom plays ____________ piano very well.

      A. a B. an C. the D. /

      2. ( )I _________ a very happy life.

      A. am B. have C. has D. are

      3. ( )We __________ Beijing ,China.

      A. is from B. from C. are from D. comes from

      4. ( )I usually __________ at seven every morning.

      A. have breakfast B. have lunch C. have dinner D. have supper

      5. ( )I’m in ______________.

      A. class one, grade six B. Class one, Grade six

      C. Grade Six, Class One D. Class One, Grade Six

      6. ( )A: ___________________ B: We have seven subjects

      A: Do you have seven subjects? B: What subjects do you have?

      C. How many subjects do you have? D. Which subjects do you like best?

      7. ( )Look______ this young baby ! How lovely !

      A. in B. on C. at D. for

      8. ( )There______ a post office and two shops beside it.

      A. is B. are C. an D. be

      9. ( )Go______ the street and turn left______ the traffic light.

      A. down, in B. in, at C. down, at D. at, in

      10. ( )The bank is just______ the supermarket.

      A. on the right B. on the right of C. on your right D. on the left

      11. ( )A:______ B: You can get there by subway.

      A. Where is the city Library? B. Can I get there by subway?

      C. How can I get there? D. When can I get there?

      12. ( )Please quite! The baby is sleeping.

      A. is B. be C. not D. don't

      13. ( ) ! The bus is coming.

      A. Look out B. Look for C. Look at D. Look after

      14. ( )We cross the road when the light is red.

      A. must B. should C. mustn't D. can

      15. ( )"You mustn't spit" means " spitting".

      A. Don't B. No C. Don't be D. Not

      16. ( )A: Don't play football on the street, boys! B:.

      A. That's all right. B. Sorry, I can't. C. Sorry, I won't. D. You're welcome.

      17. ( )The leaves _____________ the tree turn green in spring.

      A. in B. at C. for D. on

      18. ( )There are a lot of _____________over there.

      A. sheep B. cow C. duck D. horse

      19. ( )In China,springtime begins around ______________.

      A. March B. May C. June D. July

      20. ( )We often go ______________in summer.

      A. camp B. camping C. camps D. to camp

      21. ( )Look,the birds ___________in the tree.

      A. Is singing B. sing C. are singing D. sings

      22. ( )It’s so hot today. What about ____________?

      A. go swimming B. going swim C. goes swimming D. going swimming

      23. ( )They ___________ watch Peking Opera next week.

      A. are B. will C. is

      24. ( )We all enjoy ___________ a train.

      A. travelling by B. travelling on C. to travel

      25. ( )I can see ___________ stars in the sky at night.

      A. two million of B. two millions C. millions of

      26. ( )There is a park____________ my home.

      A. between B. near C. on

      27. ( )The Great Wall is ____________ wall in the world.

      A. longer B. long C. the longest

      28. ( )A: Whose bike is this? B: It’s __________

      A. him B. hers C. Peter

      29. ( )Do you know how a toy car?

      A. making B. to make C. make

      30. ( )We waste too water.

      A. much B. many C. any

      31. ( ) you want to keep our planet beautiful?

      A. Can’t B. Don’t C. Not

      32. ( )There are many wild animals in the world.

      A. live B. lives C. living

      33. ( )We should to be quiet in the class.

      A. being B. to be C. be

      34. ( )There is an interesting book, I reading it.

      A. want B. enjoy C. likes

      35. ( )Tom’s mother often gives her son money on Sundays .

      A. any B. a few C. some



      1. We should ______________ ___________early. (去睡觉)

      2. We must help ______________. (互相)

      3. Please go down this street and ____________. (向右转)

      4. We should take good care of _____________ (小孩子)

      5. ______________the grass, please. (勿踏草坪)



      1. I think you are wrong. (同义句)

      I ______________ think you are ________________.

      2. He has supper at seven. (改为一般疑问句)

      _____________ he ___________ supper at seven?

      3. My father goes to work by bike . (对画线部分提问)

      ___________ ____________ your father ____________ to work?

      4. He goes home at four every day. (对画线部分提问)

      ___________ ___________ he ____________ ___________ every day?

      5. He often plays the piano.(改为否定句)

      He __________ ____________ ___________ the piano.

      6. I’m from Australia.(同义句)

      I____________ ____________Australia.

      7. I live on Green Road. (改为否定句)

      I ____________ ____________ on Green Road.

      8. My hobby is fishing.(对画线部分提问)

      ___________ ____________ hobby?

      9. Tim studies in Sunny School. (一般疑问句)

      __________ Tim ___________ in Sunny School?

      10. There is a tall building near the park.(复数句)

      There ____________ tall ___________ near the park.

      11. The post office is in front of the shopping mall.(划线部分提问)

      ____________ ____________ the post office?

      12. Across the road is a cake shop.(同义句)

      Across the road ____________ _____________ a cake shop.

      13. How long does it take to get to the library?(半小时)

      ____________ _____________ ______________.

      14. There are some flowers on the teacher’s desk.(一般疑问句)

      __________ there ___________ flowers on the teacher’s desk?

      15. You shouldn't go home too late. (同义词)

      ___________ ____________ ____________ too late.

      16. Don't litter here. (同义句)

      ___________ ____________ here.

      17. You should help your mum do housework. (祈使句)

      _____________ your mum ____________.


      A: Which ___________ do you ___________ best ?

      B: I think I like summer _____________.

      A: Why ?

      B: Because I’m a good swimmer . I often go _________ in summer, sometimes in the river , sometimes in the lake near my house. _________ you like summer best, ________ ?

      A: No, I _____. I like winter best. I can go skating on real ice with my friends _____ winter.

      B: How ________ your parents ?

      A: Well , my father likes autumn _________ than winter . It’s not very hot in autumn. And my mother likes spring best . Because she likes flowers very much .




      My name is Lin Xin. I’m in Primary Six. Look here at my family photo. My father is a manager in a big company. He’s very busy. He likes taking photos. My mother is a teacher. She likes her students very much. She teaches English in a school. Her favourite hobby is reading books. I’m interested in collecting cards. I have many colourful and beautiful cards.

      ( )1.Li Xin is in a primary school. She’s in Grade Six.

      ( )2.Li Xin’s father is very busy. He works in a big company.

      ( )3.Li Xin’s mother is a teacher of Chinese in a school.

      ( )4.Li Xin’s parents both like taking photos.

      ( )5.Li Xin has many colourful and beautiful cards.


      On Christmas Eve—the night before Christmas Day—children all over Britain put a stocking at the end of their beds before they go to sleep. Their parents usually tell them that Father Christmas will come during the night. Father Christmas is very kind and hearted. He gets to the top of each house and climbs down the chimney into the fireplace. He fills each of the stockings with Christmas presents. Of course, Father Christmas isn’t real. In Jim and Kate’s house, “Father Christmas” is really Mr Green. Mr Green doesn’t climb down the chimney. He waits until the children are asleep. Then he quietly goes into their bedrooms and fills their stocking with small presents. When they were very young, Mr Green sometimes wore a red coat. But he doesn’t do that now. The children are no longer young, and they know who “Father Christmas” really is. But they still put their stockings at the end of their beds.

      ( )1. Christmas Eve is .

      A. the night of Christmas Day B. the evening of Christmas Day

      C. Christmas Day D. the night before Christmas Day

      ( )2. Father Christmas often put presents .

      A. into children’s hats B. into children’s stocking

      C. into children’s beds D. into children’s shoes

      ( )3.When the children were very young .

      A. they didn’t know who Father Christmas was

      B. they knew that Father Christmas wasn’t real

      C. they thought their father was Father Christmas

      D. they knew who put the presents into their stockings

      ( )4. When the children are older they .

      A. knows that Father Christmas is real

      B. ask their mother to fill their stockings with presents

      C. knows that Father Christmas is really their father

      D. knows that Father Christmas is really their friend

      ( )5. Father Christmas comes into the house through the .

      A chimney B. back door C. front door D. window.




      Fruit salad

      Chicken sandwich

      Fruit juice

      $ 32 B

      Tomato soup

      Egg and ham sandwich

      Ice cream



      Ham and cheese sandwich

      Tuna fish salad

      Iced lemon tea

      $35 D





      ( ) 1.Father loves salad but he doesn’t like potatoes or fish. He will have Lunch A.

      ( ) 2.The boy likes ham(火腿)but he doesn’t like ice-cream. He will have Lunch B.

      ( ) 3.Mother likes to have a cup of coffee for lunch. She will have Lunch C.

      ( ) 4.The girl likes something sour(酸的)to drink. She can have Lunch B.

      ( ) 5.Lunch C isn’t the cheapest one.












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